Commission Research Request

If you have a commission that has not been paid, you always want to follow up. This process is called the Commission Research Process.

Step #1: Double Check Dates of Travel

Suppliers pay on different timelines. Disney and cruise lines normally pays 2-3 weeks, after a guest completes travel. Universal Orlando usually pays about 1 1/2-2 months, after a guest completes travel. Each supplier is a little bit different.

Make sure your guests have completed travel and it is at least 2-3 weeks, before researching a commission. Most of our suppliers take at least this long to pay our agency. For example, if your customers traveled November 17-25; we will not get paid until mid-December. Be sure you give enough time for the supplier to pay our agency.

Step #2: Double Check in ClientEase

This next step are double checks in ClientEase. Check the reservation to ensure there are 3 critical items in the reservation and they are correct. This includes:

  • Guest Name on Reservation
  • Correct Confirmation Number
  • Supplier Commission Amount greater than 0 (zero)

2.  Check to make sure the reservation is in ClientEase and that the “Create Date” is before the guest departure date (the day they depart on their vacation, not the return home date).

If a reservation is missing, the Create Date is after the guest departure date, or missing one of the three critical pieces of data (or it’s incorrect), this is a forfeited commission, per your ITA agreement.  We suggest you take some time to review all future reservations to make sure they are correct, review any ClientEase trainings or touch base with the leadership team to help make sure your future reservations are correct.

Step #3 Does Your Supplier Use Multiple Numbers?

One of the biggest delays in payment is when a supplier has more than one number for a booking. Some suppliers will only pay with a specific number and it may not be the confirmation number.

Here are the suppliers that have more than one confirmation number and how to determine if you have entered the right one for the supplier.

  • Expedia TAAP – You will receive 2 different numbers with Expedia TAAP. You will use the itinerary number in ClientEase as the reservation number NOT the Expedia confirmation number.
  • Disney Room Only – If you book a room only reservation for Disney World, you will use the Travel Plan # NOT the confirmation number in ClientEase.
  • Universal Orlando Room Only/Annual Passholder Booked Directly on Universal Orlando – If you book a room only by calling Universal Vacations or through, they pay use via check. Unfortunately, the check does not include the confirmation number on the check. We only have a handful of agents that actually book this method. If you book this method, email us at with the name of the guest, confirmation number, resort name, and dates of travel. In addition, include UNIVERSAL ROOM ONLY BOOKING in the subject field. This will help us watch for these payments for you.
  • Virgin Voyages – When you book Virgin Voyages, they will give you both a booking number and a transaction number. Virgin Voyages pays out using the booking number. Be sure you use the booking number as the reservation number in ClientEase.
  • Vacasa – If you book a vacation home with Vacasa, they mail us a check without any information. When you book a Vacasa booking, email the guest confirmation to with VACASA BOOKING as the subject line. This way we can watch for the check and match it with your booking.
  • Sandals/Beaches – You will receive 2 different numbers with Sandals and Beaches. Use the shorter 8 digit number (example 12553319) NOT the long number (M811601939962407).