Meet the owners

Wishes and Wands Travel is a dream come true for these two. The agency is owned by best friends and travel partners Carol Ann Snider and Brandy Kane.

Carol Ann had always had a love of travel and learning. She had vast experience planning personal trips as well as trips for family and friends for years. She began professionally helping clients with their Disney destination travel in 2016. She found her dream job and was excited to join an agency to further develop her travel planning expertise.

Brandy had a similar story. Brandy spent her middle school years living in California and spent a lot of time in Disneyland and Universal Hollywood, that is where she acquired her love for Disney and Theme parks in general.  She now lives in Alabama and she and her three girls go to Disney World and Universal as often as they can! When she’s not in Orlando, she’s venturing off to other nearby destinations. The years she has spent as a travel agent has given her the knowledge to make your trip the best ever!

It all started one day when out of the blue this woman contacts Carol Ann and introduces herself, telling her that they appear to be working for the same agency and that they live in the same county. This woman, Brandy, lets Carol Ann know that there is a Sandals training tonight in Pensacola aboard their yacht, the Lady Sandals, and would she like to go. That was their first “date” as Carol Ann likes to call it and the rest is history. They started doing more and more collaborations together, even going on trips every chance that they could, and soon realized that they worked really well together. They noticed that they shared many of the same values and principles, and could finish each other’s sentences. Carol Ann filled Brandy in on her dream to open up her own agency someday. Even though Brandy was not quite there herself, she always listened and was supportive, and eventually realized that the dream was also hers as well. Thus began a lot of hard work, meetings, and notes to develop a business that they could be proud of.

The friends have also added many GREAT Travel Agents to their team who are trained in the travel industry and bring all of their travel experiences as well! They can’t wait to help you with ALL of your vacation needs & are really appreciative of your business!!