Ever feel like Fastpasses for Pandora are like magical unicorns? You’re pretty sure they exist but you can never get one! Check out these tips on How to Skip Long Lines at Disney’s Pandora, no frantic Fastpass checking required!

I know that lines aren’t the end of the world. And most of the time I embrace them and try to make the most out of them with fun games and getting to know the people around me.

But that 200 minute wait is just not something I can get behind.

And if you’re out of luck with the Lightening Land and waiting is your only option, spending half of your day in line for a popular attraction is bound to make anyone cranky. So what’s a girl (or guy) to do when your must-do line is hours long? The answer is simple, and it’s super easy too!

We visited Pandora way back when we were there for a Wine and Dine 5k. Our daughter Natalie ia a huge fan of Avatar so we were excited about the new land and ended up loving it. There’s so much to photograph and Flight of Passage is easily the best ride at Disney.

I’m not kidding, the ride is ah-mazing.

I know a lot of people checked the Fastpass+ page a lot (back in the day) to see if they can grab one of those coveted Fastpasses for the ride. They’re hard to come by and if you don’t grab them when your window opens to book them then the chances are slim that you’ll be able to grab one at all. Slim, but not impossible.

But what if you can’t get a Fastpass? Are you just out of luck?



+ Get to DAK before the park opens

I’m only a morning person at Disney and not in the real world but you can get to Animal Kingdom and line up for Pandora before the park opens. Once they start letting people in you can do your fast walk (don’t run!) to the ride and get in line early. My only suggestion is to PLEASE keep your party together because it’s so annoying to have one person run up to get a primo spot and have the other 5 people in their party have to push their way in front to join them.

Don’t be that person y’all. Please don’t.

+ Jump in line right before the park closes

This is more my speed and we do it with popular rides all the time. All the Fastpass people have gotten in line by then which means the line will start moving faster for non-Fastpassers. That two-hour wait can easily drop down to 60-90 minutes (depending) and you’ll spend way less time in line. Plus, the people waiting at the end of the night are much nicer than those who are waiting in the hot sun all day. We’ve made quite a few line buddies at the end of the night and it’s always fun!

You can apply these rules to any of the popular rides at Disney (we’ve jumped in line many times for Frozen at Epcot right before the park closed!) so that you have more time during the day for other attractions. It really is our favorite way to get almost everything done.

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