What Do I Do With My Mickey Balloon When It’s Time To Head Home?


Chances are, if you’re visiting Walt Disney World with little ones,  being the doting, mom, dad, grandma auntie, etc., you will cave and get a Mickey Balloon for your little pirate or princess.  Though it doesn’t have the staying power of other Disney merchandise, it does have a couple of practical purposes.  Tie it around your stroller and it makes it pretty darn easy to find your wheels at the stroller parking areas, or tie it around the wrist of your little one and it makes it pretty easy to pick them out in a crowd.  However, when it’s finally time to say goodbye to the Mouse and return home, what exactly are visitors supposed to do with this rather cumbersome piece of Disney memorabilia? Here are a couple of suggestions to help you out.

Spread the Pixie Dust – My daughter still talks about a recent Disney World trip where when we entered the  Magic Kingdom my daughter was greeted by a little girl about her age who gave my daughter her Mickey Balloon on her way out of the parks.  My little one was overjoyed at the gesture and loved the balloon even more because it was a special gift that she wasn’t expecting.  So if you are leaving Disney and know that you won’t be taking your balloon with you, don’t let it go to waste or leave it in your resort room. Instead,  give it to a child who is entering the park when you are leaving or who is checking into your resort as you are checking out.  This simple gesture is an easy way of passing on the Disney Magic and is a great lesson to teach your kids about sharing and doing something nice for others!

Take it to Orlando International Airport and Disney will deflate it for you. – A lot of Disney visitors don’t know this but if you are leaving Disney via Orlando International Airport (MCO), you can take your Mickey Balloons to Disney’s Earport inside the Main Terminal where a helpful Cast Member will deflate the balloon for you so that it folds conveniently into your hand luggage.  When you get home you have the perfect wall hanging for kid’s bedrooms or a nice addition to the Disney scrapbook.

Can I take an inflated Mickey Balloon on the airplane? Sadly not.  You will not be able to get past security with a helium filled balloon. So, save yourself having to part with it completely by having Earport deflate it for you.

Can I buy Mickey Balloons that aren’t inflated to take home with me? No.  This is a question that balloon vendors at Disney get asked a lot.  They will sell you an inflated balloon but they aren’t allowed to sell them if they aren’t inflated.

Did you know? If you want to surprise a special little one at home with their very own piece of Disney Magic in the form of a Mickey Balloon, you can take your deflated balloon to a party supply store and have it refilled.  Not only will it look as good as new, but it’s a great souvenir for those who couldn’t make it to the Mouse.

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